Blown in insulation also call loose-fill insulation. It is more affordable compared to all other types of insulation. Blown in insulation is ideas for hard to reach area in attic, such as corners, edges and around framing, it loosely fills all small gaps.

Blown in insulation is using a special machine to blow insulation material loosely into the attic area.  While one of the technicians control the machine and fill in the materials in to the machine in the truck, other technician holds the end of the hose to spread out material to any location where the insulation is needed.

Blown in insulation commonly use cellulose and fiberglass for attic.  Fiberglass is most popular material for blown in attic insulation, it is the cheapest insulation between these two.

Benefit of fiberglass blow in insulation

  • The most economical way of the attic insulation
  • Fill in every gaps of your attic to increase your energy efficiency
  • Fire-resistant
  • Short installation time with experience technician.