Insulation removal is removing the insulation that unwanted or damaged.  Insulation removal is not only messy but also consider a health problem. It may let you expose to contaminate insulating materials that full of dust, mold, small animal decomposing carcasses, urine and dropping.

Warning:  Some old insulation may affect your health and your indoor air quality. It is recommended that check any mold or weird smell from your insulation.

The best and safest way to remove unwanted insulation is let a professional to do the insulation removal for you – WEMAX INSULATION.

WEMAX INSULATION remove insulation with a high- powered and large capacity insulation removal vacuum.  Technician with full protection (protective suit, mask, goggle, and gloves) entre your attic with a big and long hose that connect to the insulation removal vacuum, all of the old insulation materials directly sucked into the seal insulation vacuum bag that outside of your house. This is the best and effective way to remove the old insulation and minimize the dust spreading throughout the house.