Spray foam is the most effective ways to improve your energy efficiency and improve home comfort. Spray foam seal airtight and provide greater R value; it has a wide range of uses, it can seal the wall cavities, exterior walls, crawl spaces, attics, and small gaps and cracks of the entire house.

Spray foam insulation and insulating foam sealants are made by mixing and reacting unique liquid. These liquids react very quickly when they are mixed and applied in the field, it will expand when contacted to create foam insulation.


Benefit of Spray foam insulation

  • It seals airtight, prevent air leakage to increase energy efficiency
  • Greater R value
  • Stronger resistance against moisture, prevent glow of mold
  • Increase the strength of structural features
  • Increase soundproof
  • Prevent bug/insects and small animal entering your home
  • Last longer than the other type of insulation